photo//video production
Content for You and your brand in Bali
Bring your ideas to life
Photographer & videographer
All year round you have access to incredible locations and top models of the island to shoot your brand.
I have been a photographer and videographer for over 12 years, living in Bali and making content for brands all over the world.
Image video will be a great tool to promote your business.
Image videos, Reels are especially relevant nowadays.
Shooting on the phone is now more in demand than ever. It's simple, fast, and inspires the trust and interest of your potential client.
And of course, REELS is exactly what you need now to promote your account. This is the cheapest and most effective advertising!

I personally work with models in Bali, and I also work with all the modeling agencies on the island.
We can find the perfect model for your needs.
Bali is the island of the Gods.
A variety of locations are concentrated here that will emphasize the individuality of your products.
These are active volcanoes, amazing waterfalls, snow-white and black beaches with volcanic sand, chic villas with high-tech and local design.

Organization of shooting on a turnkey basis:

  • Creating a moodboard
  • Image script writing, Reel
  • Selection of models of a suitable type
  • Choosing a location for your shooting style
  • Magazine retouching
  • Author's color correction
  • Makeup artist and stylist services